Places to visit

Olhão, Fuseta, Tavira...


Olhão is a traditional fishing city with a maze of cobbled streets lined with pretty Moorish houses. Many artists have chosen to settle here because of the picturesque and traditional features of this city.

In the center of the city, you can find the Municipal Market of Olhão, which are the two large brick buildings, inaugurated in 1916. In the market, you can find local farmers and producers that exhibit and sell their products, providing the visitors with an unique mix of scents and shades.

Alongside the markets, you will be able to enjoy the beauty from the gardens, admire the stunning views from Ria Formosa and also contemplate the Marina of Olhão.

If you want to spend a day at the beach, you can head to the pier and choose which island you want to visit - Armona, Culatra or Farol - and enjoy a peaceful boat ride to the beach. You can also practice nautical activities such as paddle, kite surfing, canoeing and sailing.

Throughout the city, you can find several restaurants with typical portuguese and international cuisine, bars, shops, supermarkets and a shopping mall - Algarve Outlet.


Fuseta is a smal but unique village, located 20 minutes from Olhão and Tavira.

In Fuseta, you can take a walk along the Marina and enjoy the stunning views that the place offers. And aalso enjoy the cozy river beach of the villa. However, if you prefer you can head to the pier and buy a ticket for a peaceful boat trip to the Island of Fuseta.

For those looking for activities to complete their leisure days, in addition to the long walks you can take on the beach, you will also find equipment for canoeing, sailing or windsurfing.

In the center of the villa, you will also be able to eat a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants, pastry shops and bars, While it is no doubt overshadowed by nearby Olhão's market, the local market is also worth stopping by.


The city of Tavira is spread over the two banks of the Gilão River, in an intricate of narrow streets and white houses that you feel like walking without hurry.

Probably the busiest and liveliest area is the Garden of Coreto, the perfect place to take a walk, while enjoying the viwes and a delicious ice cream in the hot summer nights. It is also the place where a lot of shows, fairs and other events take place.

Right next to the garden, you will also find the popular Roman Bridge that connects the two banks of the Gilão River. Its beauty and asymmetry grants a beautiful landscape in the center of the city.

Going up one of the hills of Tavira, you can visit the Castle. Inside you'll find a beautiful garden and even go up to one of the castel's towers, which is definitely one of the best viewpoints in the city.

Tavira is also well known for the large number of churches that exist in the municipality, 37 in total. One of the best known is the Church of Santa Maria do Castelo.

Throughout the city, there are restaurants and pastry shops, where you can enjoy local and international cuisine. In addition, you can also find shops, supermarkets and a shopping mall - the Gran Plaza Tavira.

The city charms continue until the Ria Formosa, that we reach following the road parallel to the Gilão River, where you can enjoy the white salt flats where birds like the flamingos can be seen. When you arrive at Quatro Águas, you can take the boat that crosses the river and takes you to the Island of Tavira.

In the Island of Tavira, there are several summer houses, a camping site, restaurants, bars and shops. It is also possible to find local support to practice nautical activities.